Lead Generation

Polyanthus Sales makes each Lead Generation a hugely flexible and very powerful tool.

An exhaustive study of needs, allows us to design in conjunction with our clients a careful action plan.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Ensuring the total satisfaction of your customers is vital to the stability and profitability of your long-term business.


In a market as dynamic as the current one, it is paramount to have real-time information to maximize the success of any marketing action.

Event organization

From Polyanthus Sales, we can take care of managing all the structure that your event needs or making the call, assuming the process of confirmation and reconfirmation of attendance that guarantees the desired capacity.

Market research

In an age of globalization and high competitiveness of products or services, it is necessary to be alert to the demands and expectations of the market.

Email Marketing

Emailing is currently a powerful and inexpensive communication tool. Email marketing actions are an effective information channel for launching new products, brand positioning, company image or promotions.

Customer Service

The importance of telephone management in sales strategies in recent years has made the implementation of Customer Service Centers a critical element of customer loyalty.

Account Investigation

In some cases, our clients are faced with the need to know in depth the structure, either at the level of contacts or of the installed base structure, of Large Companies, Business Groups, or difficult access accounts.

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