Polyanthus. Who are we?

The choice of name was not casual or random, Polyanthus means “trust” and that is what identifies us, there is a definitive component of trust when our clients allow us to collaborate with them in their marketing plans.

Our differentiating value is in the development of our campaigns, they are tailor-made projects, we offer a wide range of marketing actions with which we adapt to the requirements of each of our clients. We make meticulous projects where the quality of the service is above all.

In the campaigns that we do for our clients we understand that no matter how big your universe of potential clients is, each of them is a treasure and we can not go over without deepening in each account looking for the business opportunity and the qualification with the decision maker interlocutor, in order to enhance the commercialization of their services.

But, our real treasure is our staff, men and women of all ages committed to the company. All together we form a team. They are people with a high level of dialogue and preparation, stable staff, true marketing professionals.

Why Polyanthus?


More than 10 years of experience

Professional team

Team formed by professionals: people committed to our vocation of service

Tailor-made projects

We adapt to the requirements of each of our clients

Integral solutions

We offer a wide range of marketing actions

Personal service

Polyanthus Sales

We will be happy to listen you