Event organization

From Polyanthus Sales, we can take care of managing all the structure that your event needs or making the call, assuming the process of confirmation and reconfirmation of attendance that guarantees the desired capacity. Each of our events is designed to fit the needs and budget of our clients. Our keys to guarantee the success of an event are:

  1. Choosing the venue: it is paramount to celebrate it in the ideal environment that best fits the profile of the client and the purpose of the event.
  2. Qualification to obtain the desired level of interlocution.
  3. Originality, creativity and ingenuity in the call.

We can design for you: Commercial events (product presentations, promotion of inter-company relations, creation of discussion forums, seminars, breakfasts and work lunches). Corporate Events, developed for non-commercial purposes, in which we can provide the recreational component necessary to ensure the desired impact.

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